Last night i slept very comfortably and realized this morning that it was thanks too my busy day partly entertaining friends in our small fellowship which led to my forgetting to tie my braided hair atop of my head. Holding my hair up religiously each night since i was braided almost a month ago has been giving me restless nights caused by the added weight on my head. This without mentioning the first two nights when the braids are fresh….it can be a nightmare due to the pain from the stretched scalp.

As i wrote recently, my resolution as twenty sixteen draws to a close is to be happy! I deliberately choose to be happy everyday of my life regardless of any issues that may arise. So i made a decision this morning not to braid my hair with long hairpieces anymore. Why torture myself with discomfort on purpose? I want a simple hairstyle that i will be comfortable in all the time. I watch with pity our young daughter struggle with the huge bush in the name of hairstyle when it is bedtime. I have to assist in holding it up for her to be able to shower. Putting an outfit through her head is another struggle lol.

I wonder why lots of people make life hard and call it fashion or style. i am sure you have seen a youngman struggle to walk in jeans that have been brought so low they look like they will fall off any minute. So as we chatted with the ladies, it emerged that a woman who has natural housekeeping and organizational abilities is admired by every other woman. It does not matter wether you are a housewife or a CEO and having a househelp not withstanding, it is very important for a woman to be able to care for her household well.

So i decided that God willing, i am going an extra mile to make my house look very neat and organized. For this i do not necessarily need ro spend much. Perhaps just change a seat cover, rearrange and buy nice flowery plants for the balcony not forgetting some spices in the kitchen that aside from being handy in adding flavour to food, they will decorate my kitchen window and bring freshness into the house. These are the simple pleasures of life. Having a beautiful and organized home to come to. Keeping your style simple and nice.

As our daughter says, simplicity is beautiful!

I wish all my readers a joyful and reflective Christmas!

May the good Lord enable me!


I shall Rejoice!

I woke up this morning in one of those moods that make you feel grumpy and unhappy. As i prepared tea, i noticed two giraffes and a baby giraffe in the national park. I excitedly grabbed my phone and ran out onto the balcony to take a picture.

When i came back to the kitchen i found a mini stream of tea flowing on the stove. Normaly i would get angry at my own stupidity. But this morning, i laughed at myself. Seriously, how many people get to see the most graceful creation of God from their kitchen window in their natural habitat? My would be anger had melted away and given room for thanksgiving.

I instantly reconnected with my Spirit and realized just how blessed i am to live in such a place. Funny that i had a different place in mind that i wanted to live at. I apparently did not get over that other place and so later on in the day, unable to fight the desire to drive up the road behind my preferred would have been aboard, i did. I was really surprised to discover that its immediate neighbour is a mosque! I cannot even imagine how frustrated i would have been each morning as they announce their prayer.

I hear them clearly from quite a distance where i live…next door, that would have been a nightmare. And so i was once again reminded by the Holy Spirit that, if you allow God to guide your paths and order your steps, you will live a peaceful life. I am truly thankful! And so i made my first resolution, i choose to be glad each morning regardless of my feelings in thanksgiving for what God Is doing in my life.

May God enable me!


I was recently privilaged to attend a farewell celebration of Mzee Munene in Kiamariga, Karatina. Mzee Munene went to be with the Lord at a good old age of ninety five years. As we approached his home, we acknowledged just how popular he was by the large number of people in attendance. From the little known villagers to the who is who in the Country.

I have known Mzee Munene for decades having met him when we went to pay dowry for my sister inlaw. He is my Brother’s father inlaw. I had not forgotten his first words to us on that day. You are too early, we are not even awake, he had exclaimed. I had taken offence then, it was midday and we had planned to arrive at this hour purposely as we had to return to Nairobi same day and some others to Busia. I later learned that he was a man that spoke his mind without fear or favour.

My mum had expressed her desire to say a word at his funeral, but considering the magnitude of people and the tight schedule, i knew in my mind it would not be impossible. I walk halfway to my chair which the usher had politely showed us, i look behind and notice mum still standing in the arena, defiant. I could not go back for her, and knowing her strong will, i knew she would not sit elsewhere but with family, because to her, and correctly so, over the years the three had become family, and most of all friends. Mama Jane went to be with the Lord in twenty thirteen. Thankfully my sister inlaw comes for her. Speaker after speaker complimented Mzee for his integrity, wisdom and a life well lived.

The preacher of the day spoke to us about inspiring others. Living a life that should be celebrated and not despised with undertones during one’s funeral. Mzee Munene raised doctors, journalists, successful business people and inspired others as well. When my mum was asked to wave to the people, she said she is not the kind of person to just wave… People burst out in laughter, she was handed the microphone, introduced herself and gave a short and precise tribute to the departed. In just under two minutes she had broken the icey sad faces into laughter and applause. I learned a great lesson. Follow your heart always, that is where the Holy Spirit speaks to you. Later after the burial, lots of people came to us to congratulate her on her honest speech. Many were now talking about Busia County.

As we travelled back, i could not stop wondering what life i am living. Was i inspiring someone? From just the way i live my everyday life. What will people say of me when the Lord finally calls me home at a good old age of one hundred years? What are the things people will remember me with? What will people miss about me? How are you living? Are you the most informed about the latest rumours? the Latest insults politicians have traded? The breaking scandals about others? I encourage you to live a life worth a celebration when the Lord finally calls you. We are not born to just survive and die!

May God enable me to leave an impressive legacy in the name of Jesus.

He Is God!

Recently i was once again reminded of Psalms 46:10 “Cease striving and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” new American standard version.

After being led to move upcountry, i went through much striving out of ignorance. The Lord then gave me a strong desire to move home. After settling down there, i did not desire in the least to have a place in Nairobi. My husband was of a different opinion. He suggested we should have a small place in Nairobi as a landing pad or getaway. I was totally against this, calculating how much we would be able to save if we just settled home. Ofcourse his idea was very reasonable.

Finally i travelled back to Nairobi relactantly to find a place, this after i had extended our notice to the landlord to move for a month. My husband had chosen a particular area he hoped we would move to. The apartments i liked in this area would not be ready for occupation until January next year. This information made my return more miserable, as i had subconsciously decided it was those apartments or home. The first four days in Nairobi i did not even come out of the house.

My husband is the calm one, and he assured me that if God wanted us to have a place here, He would give us what we like in the area he, my husband had chosen at the right time. On the fifth day i ask the Lord to guide me, it rains in the morning and i have a reason to doubt again. Early afternoon the sun comes up and i get this strong desire to go in search. We go with our daughter. We find the perfect apartment in his location at the budgeted price.

God knows our end from our beginning. Why is it usually hard to simply rely on Him, give Him all your concerns and just be led by Him? After all, as long as you have allowed Him to be Lord of your life, His will for you will prevail. We only delay it because of letting our minds rule over us instead of allowing His Holy Spirit to guide us as we follow in total submission and obedience.

Father God, increase my faith and enable me to subdue my mind so i can enjoy my life journey in obedience and fulfill Your will for my life on earth. Amen