He Is God!

Recently i was once again reminded of Psalms 46:10 “Cease striving and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” new American standard version.

After being led to move upcountry, i went through much striving out of ignorance. The Lord then gave me a strong desire to move home. After settling down there, i did not desire in the least to have a place in Nairobi. My husband was of a different opinion. He suggested we should have a small place in Nairobi as a landing pad or getaway. I was totally against this, calculating how much we would be able to save if we just settled home. Ofcourse his idea was very reasonable.

Finally i travelled back to Nairobi relactantly to find a place, this after i had extended our notice to the landlord to move for a month. My husband had chosen a particular area he hoped we would move to. The apartments i liked in this area would not be ready for occupation until January next year. This information made my return more miserable, as i had subconsciously decided it was those apartments or home. The first four days in Nairobi i did not even come out of the house.

My husband is the calm one, and he assured me that if God wanted us to have a place here, He would give us what we like in the area he, my husband had chosen at the right time. On the fifth day i ask the Lord to guide me, it rains in the morning and i have a reason to doubt again. Early afternoon the sun comes up and i get this strong desire to go in search. We go with our daughter. We find the perfect apartment in his location at the budgeted price.

God knows our end from our beginning. Why is it usually hard to simply rely on Him, give Him all your concerns and just be led by Him? After all, as long as you have allowed Him to be Lord of your life, His will for you will prevail. We only delay it because of letting our minds rule over us instead of allowing His Holy Spirit to guide us as we follow in total submission and obedience.

Father God, increase my faith and enable me to subdue my mind so i can enjoy my life journey in obedience and fulfill Your will for my life on earth. Amen


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