I was recently privilaged to attend a farewell celebration of Mzee Munene in Kiamariga, Karatina. Mzee Munene went to be with the Lord at a good old age of ninety five years. As we approached his home, we acknowledged just how popular he was by the large number of people in attendance. From the little known villagers to the who is who in the Country.

I have known Mzee Munene for decades having met him when we went to pay dowry for my sister inlaw. He is my Brother’s father inlaw. I had not forgotten his first words to us on that day. You are too early, we are not even awake, he had exclaimed. I had taken offence then, it was midday and we had planned to arrive at this hour purposely as we had to return to Nairobi same day and some others to Busia. I later learned that he was a man that spoke his mind without fear or favour.

My mum had expressed her desire to say a word at his funeral, but considering the magnitude of people and the tight schedule, i knew in my mind it would not be impossible. I walk halfway to my chair which the usher had politely showed us, i look behind and notice mum still standing in the arena, defiant. I could not go back for her, and knowing her strong will, i knew she would not sit elsewhere but with family, because to her, and correctly so, over the years the three had become family, and most of all friends. Mama Jane went to be with the Lord in twenty thirteen. Thankfully my sister inlaw comes for her. Speaker after speaker complimented Mzee for his integrity, wisdom and a life well lived.

The preacher of the day spoke to us about inspiring others. Living a life that should be celebrated and not despised with undertones during one’s funeral. Mzee Munene raised doctors, journalists, successful business people and inspired others as well. When my mum was asked to wave to the people, she said she is not the kind of person to just wave… People burst out in laughter, she was handed the microphone, introduced herself and gave a short and precise tribute to the departed. In just under two minutes she had broken the icey sad faces into laughter and applause. I learned a great lesson. Follow your heart always, that is where the Holy Spirit speaks to you. Later after the burial, lots of people came to us to congratulate her on her honest speech. Many were now talking about Busia County.

As we travelled back, i could not stop wondering what life i am living. Was i inspiring someone? From just the way i live my everyday life. What will people say of me when the Lord finally calls me home at a good old age of one hundred years? What are the things people will remember me with? What will people miss about me? How are you living? Are you the most informed about the latest rumours? the Latest insults politicians have traded? The breaking scandals about others? I encourage you to live a life worth a celebration when the Lord finally calls you. We are not born to just survive and die!

May God enable me to leave an impressive legacy in the name of Jesus.


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