I shall Rejoice!

I woke up this morning in one of those moods that make you feel grumpy and unhappy. As i prepared tea, i noticed two giraffes and a baby giraffe in the national park. I excitedly grabbed my phone and ran out onto the balcony to take a picture.

When i came back to the kitchen i found a mini stream of tea flowing on the stove. Normaly i would get angry at my own stupidity. But this morning, i laughed at myself. Seriously, how many people get to see the most graceful creation of God from their kitchen window in their natural habitat? My would be anger had melted away and given room for thanksgiving.

I instantly reconnected with my Spirit and realized just how blessed i am to live in such a place. Funny that i had a different place in mind that i wanted to live at. I apparently did not get over that other place and so later on in the day, unable to fight the desire to drive up the road behind my preferred would have been aboard, i did. I was really surprised to discover that its immediate neighbour is a mosque! I cannot even imagine how frustrated i would have been each morning as they announce their prayer.

I hear them clearly from quite a distance where i live…next door, that would have been a nightmare. And so i was once again reminded by the Holy Spirit that, if you allow God to guide your paths and order your steps, you will live a peaceful life. I am truly thankful! And so i made my first resolution, i choose to be glad each morning regardless of my feelings in thanksgiving for what God Is doing in my life.

May God enable me!


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