Last night i slept very comfortably and realized this morning that it was thanks too my busy day partly entertaining friends in our small fellowship which led to my forgetting to tie my braided hair atop of my head. Holding my hair up religiously each night since i was braided almost a month ago has been giving me restless nights caused by the added weight on my head. This without mentioning the first two nights when the braids are fresh….it can be a nightmare due to the pain from the stretched scalp.

As i wrote recently, my resolution as twenty sixteen draws to a close is to be happy! I deliberately choose to be happy everyday of my life regardless of any issues that may arise. So i made a decision this morning not to braid my hair with long hairpieces anymore. Why torture myself with discomfort on purpose? I want a simple hairstyle that i will be comfortable in all the time. I watch with pity our young daughter struggle with the huge bush in the name of hairstyle when it is bedtime. I have to assist in holding it up for her to be able to shower. Putting an outfit through her head is another struggle lol.

I wonder why lots of people make life hard and call it fashion or style. i am sure you have seen a youngman struggle to walk in jeans that have been brought so low they look like they will fall off any minute. So as we chatted with the ladies, it emerged that a woman who has natural housekeeping and organizational abilities is admired by every other woman. It does not matter wether you are a housewife or a CEO and having a househelp not withstanding, it is very important for a woman to be able to care for her household well.

So i decided that God willing, i am going an extra mile to make my house look very neat and organized. For this i do not necessarily need ro spend much. Perhaps just change a seat cover, rearrange and buy nice flowery plants for the balcony not forgetting some spices in the kitchen that aside from being handy in adding flavour to food, they will decorate my kitchen window and bring freshness into the house. These are the simple pleasures of life. Having a beautiful and organized home to come to. Keeping your style simple and nice.

As our daughter says, simplicity is beautiful!

I wish all my readers a joyful and reflective Christmas!

May the good Lord enable me!


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