A Revelation

It is a new year for those of us who are alive are truly blessed to be here at a time such as this. Many of us have received numerous forwards with a prayer on social media from family, friends or acquaintances. We have forwarded same too.  Our prayer is for a better year with old problems erased. A brand new beginning.

But, are we praying earnestly for a fresh start? Have we repented our sins, apologized to those we have wronged and done to others what we would want done to us? Jesus answered that we should forgive seven times seventy a day…we all know that no one can sin against another those many times a day. So the secret is that you forgive endlessly.

If you have been wronged by your mom and are holding her in your heart, let her go. As long as she did not kill you at birth or terminate you as a feotus, forgive her. Forgive your child no matter what they did to you. Forgive your sibling or your ex boyfriend. Forgive your ex husband or ex wife who mistreated you and left you. Forgive your boss who makes your workday unbearable. Release everyone including your rival. Forgive the person who infected you with that disease knowingly.

Your heart is not meant to carry people, you are overworking it and it will soon succumb to high blood pressure. Why do you want to suffer a stroke before you realize you are overloading your human system by doing what only God can do? Only God can avenge you and He does it in style by setting a table for you before your enemies….believe me He does that!

You are eating lots of chocolate to get over your ‘lonely’ life caused by an ungrateful ex, your abusive partner or to cool down from what your family did to you years ago…you will become overweight and put your organs in trouble. Why drink yourself to a cancer because of bitterness? Why prostitute yourself until you become infected in the name of getting back? Our body is the temple of God. 

When we pray, God looks at our hearts, however much offering or sowing or fasting you do, without letting go of others, God will still give you time to make amends before He will reveal your purpose to you. Before He gives you that miracle, that breakthrough that healing that you so much desire. That promotion at work.

Learn not to make a big issue out of everything. Stop going out of your way to find trouble it is easier to avoid trouble than it is to get out of it. When any harm is done to you, examine whether you have not done as bad to others. Ask the Holy Spirit to convict you, He is our standby helper, He will reveal to you. Do not think you are wiser in your own eyes. Wisdom Is God, yet He forgives everything. Do not be over wicked to hold onto everything, the only place you are sure to end with that attitude is in an early grave!

Ecclesiastes 7:16-17 Do not be overrighteous, neither be overwise– why destroy yourself? Do not be overwicked, and do not be a fool– why die before your time?

Ask God to enable you to release people. He will guide you into repentance.

(Please note that this message is through a revelation. I was instructed to write it as it was given to me.)


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