I salute a wonderful Man!

A Salute to a wonderful Man

Happy anniversary my Omwami. 

I will forever be grateful to God for giving you to me.

Omwami means king in my language. The reason i fondly call you thus is because, aside from deserving it, you first elevated me into a queen, this automatically turned you into a king.

Thank you for being such a wonderful husband, an awesome father and a great friend. You have continually demonstrated to  me what unconditional love is. I have understood God’s love for me through you and for this am very thankful to you.
You are the face of patience, humility, simplicity and kindness.

No wonder you got along very well with my special uncle who has recently gone to sleep. I thank God daily for bringing you into my life. It was a Divine Connection! I love, respect and admire you. Now you understand why i always tell you God loves me excessively. ( He chose a very special man for me despite my shortcomings)

Whenever you cross my mind, i smile… This means am constantly smiling because you are always on my mind.

Thank you for being my Spiritual Father. these past years have seen me develop into the woman God created me to be, thank you for obeying God and allowing Him to use you to reveal me to me.

You have excelled in your appointment by God to care for me.

I salute you, mein Liebe, WJD
You are the love of my life!


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