Tribute to a Great Man

Yesterday i had the privilage to attend a requiem service for my special uncle Muka. I had promised myself not to shed a tear as i had already done that in the privacy of my bedroom. 
You see, aside from resolving from the first day of this year to be happy, always, no matter what, i was very thankful to God for having kept my uncle for a good seventy nine years.
I found myself breaking down as Linda, my youngest cousin in that family read his eulogy. It stung as she truthfully recounted the man my uncle was.

My uncle is the greatest man i have known all my life and admired. He is greatly educated, highly learned and very well read, yet, he is the most disciplined man with untarnished integrity. The face of humility and simplicity. 

Events went through my mind. It seemed like recently that my mum and i visited Nairobi, my first time, for my treatment of severe nose bleeding. We had arrived in the city and seek my cousin out at his place of work. He had continually ignored my mum calling him out at the counter of his work place. Mum had hoped that we would put up at this cousin’s house.
My mum then decided to look for my uncle.
My special uncle received us with joy. That evening he invited my cousin to his house for dinner, and much to his embarrassment enquired from him if he new my mum and went ahead to introduce us to him. Of course he did.
My philanthropic late father Played a huge role in that cousin’s education just like many others.

I had first encountered a sit on toilet in uncle Muka’s house and carefully made a mental note to have a blue one in my house…you see, i loved blue and i had to have this toilet, unlike the filthy pit latrines i was used to back home. I was just a little girl then.

On my first visit to Paris, France, my uncle knew i was going to attend a training, being the surpriser that i am, i had immediately taken a taxi, to my uncle’s address. Little did i know that my caring uncle had taken time off from work to meet his “omwiwa” (niece) as he always fondly called me at the airport.

Thankfully as my uncle had the customer care blare out my name at the airport, he decided to call my best friend, aunt Jane, the love of his life to share news that he could not find omwiwa. It was a great relief when he learnt i was safe at his house.

Uncle Muka organized for my bursary funds from Jomo Kenyatta Foundation for my high school.

Thankfully, towards end of April i had the honour to visit uncle with my husband. I later prayed with him as he kept sharing how much he wanted his surgery to be done with so he could return home.

As my husband hugged him before our departure, he told him, ” You are on God’s path, God’s path is peaceful and needs no struggle’. I noticed my uncle snuggle closer to him and i knew, i just knew that he was saying goodbye.
At the end of the service as the pastor called family to the front for prayers, i had in my spirit, he was the dad you never had. I confidently stepped forward.
Uncle Muka, i celebrate your honorable life! My prayer is that the Lord enables me to emulate your discipline, integrity, humility and simplicity! You were a noble man. You have left a legacy!

I know you are dancing with the angels for our Lord in heaven!


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